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Boo Hoo Hoo.

So usually I am rather quiet about things that bother me.
I associate them with the time and place in which they happen.
Someone not using their turn signal is an example. I generally find that poor practice, and remark upon it, but always with the footnote of "Maybe they forgot, just this once." I find it more positive than condeming them as a poor example of a human being. Same thing for those in the food service industry. I can understand that after you make a hundred tacos in an hour, you might forget to add extra cheese that one and only time. I have bigger and grander things to worry about.

But I feel the need to say that I find it interesting that a rather disturbingly large number of people on my online contact lists are upset at me for not always being around, or being removed. Since school began, it has been school, work, and Tech theatre production. There has been little time for anything else.
But it's why most people are upset that is interesting. It isn't the people that I actually know, who I've hung out with at cons or who've been exposed to me outside of a little chat box, and even those who've only known me through such, but have taken time over the years to get to know me as a person. Who I share more than "I R FURREH" conversation with. People who know me, and some of my eccentricities.
It's people that randomly message me with what is going on in their lives (usually revolving around online mates, newest commissions, or requests for roleplaying)regardless of what I may be doing at the time, and never care to ask how I am doing, or are capable of deeper thought and conversation than "So Imma Winged fox nao" and get emo upset when I come home at eleven at night after a sixteen hour day, a little less than coherent, or far from the mindset of listening about the foxboi de jour.
The funny thing? I doubt anyone who is guilty of such immature behavior reads this journal anyway. None seem truly invested in the affairs of a deer.

That is rant end.

Aside from that? little else to report of consequence. I have been pondering the chance to attend coffee further South, or go bowling this Saturday, but my schedule is becoming increasingly conjested with things other than fun activities. Unfortunetly, it's the sort of now all too familiar situation where, if I don't do it now, I won't be able to for several weeks. Go and possibly fall behind in tasks, or don't go, and continue on without contact from well meaning friends for another month's time? Running out of days to make a decision on such.
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