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Pansy Boot Camp

Want to prove you're tough? Want to prove to others that you can handle stress, lack of sleep, and think on your toes? Are you gay, or too much of a sissy to think you'll make it through a real boot camp? Or, do you just find those short buzzed haircuts to be too 2003?

Then get yourself into theatre tech! That's right, if you get involved with theatre technical design, you can work long hours, solve complicated problems with ever increasing deadlines, and when tech week comes around, in the period of two days you can spend up to thirty hours in the same theatre where tyrannical directors will berate, insult, and just be a general dick to you. Yes, you come out of there with glazed eyes, numb minds, but a heart that beats "I can handle that. I can handle the world!"

If you have read my posts from January through February this year, you know about some of the shit that can go down with producing a stage show. Last time, I was a Stage Manager. This time, with the same director, I was lighting designer. In the matter of a month, four production meetings, a show managed to be pulled together and after this week, will be shown to the public.

It's stressful.

Little sleep (no sleep some days), hard work, difficult problems, and difficult people (though balanced out by supportive, fun people) have kept my mind and body occupied. The last real "break" I had was bowling several weeks ago.
But, tech weekend is over, where cues from all of the branches of designerdom are put together and run, and...Wow....I don't think that I have seen a complicated show (including sound, light, projection and actor cues) go together so smoothly, or rather, with so little fuss from the director or other designers. A tweak of sound cue timing here. A bit more fill light there, and that's it. Well, maybe not that simple, but a far cry from the "This is all wrong what were you thinking did you even read the script?" circumstances I was waiting for.
But now, all of that hard work is starting to pay off. The part of designing that is fun, and rewarding, releasing that "creation" that you've worked so hard for, to let it go and be it's own. To let it free from your mind, or at least as much as you can. There will always be the looking at what could've been done differently, what imprefections are there, etc., but...Keep those in mind for the next time.

So, if anyone cares to see what a buck creates, here's an open invite to attend some artsy show shtuff. this weekend is "Sold Out", but next week and weekend is more than free.

For now, however? To bed, in an attempt to return to some normal schedule.
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