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Fuck you, eBay Shipping Calcuator

You're never correct. Out of the dozens of items I have sold on eBay, you've never been right, not once. NOT ONE SINGLE GOD DAMNED TIME.
Fuck you, eBay customers who pay attention to the shipping calculator like it is a magic crystal ball. Quit giving me shit when I ask for an extra fifty cents to cover the cost of shipping. You just dropped SEVERAL HUNDRED dollars on an item, and you're going to get all uppity about me GOUGING you on shipping? The BUBBLE WRAP (PIP POP POP!) costs more than 50 cents! Even though I am selling items, I still care enough about them to protect them from an aspiring field goal kicking UPS delivery man. If I was going to gouge you on shipping, it'd sure as hell be for more than fifty god damned pennies. I can't even buy a can of soda for that!
Oh yea, and I suppose I should apologize for using the words "New In Box" and "Beautiful...excellent". It was listed as NIB because it IS NEW IN BOX! It's New! And it's in a BOX. I can't help it if that means it looks fucking beautiful! Last I checked, using colorful and descriptive language was one way to interest possible buyers. And while I'm at it, I don't take high resolution pictures for my health, it's so you can look at the pictures of the item, so you don't have to ask me if it's "Black" or if it's "Chrome." THAT SHINY IS CHROME!
Oh. And just because your eBay name is "BelievesinChrist37" doesn't mean I'm going to. Leave me alone, dickhole.

Ranty Rotwild, out.
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