Akerin Whitetail (akerin) wrote,
Akerin Whitetail


I am rather impressed, when one puts into words how much things have changed from a hundred years ago.

That being said, I will limit my dose of NPR for the next few days, lest I grow weary of politically correct statements, and how rosy everything will become. The proof, as it's said, is in the pudding. I will avoid Vanilla, Rice, or Chocolate pudding jokes here. (Oooh C'mon...)

While I am happy to see Wisco blue, I, ignoring the beauties of democracy, wish for a way to share my vote with other states, specifically Prop 8. I'm not a resident in California, nor a proud gay man out to change the world, but here's thinking good thoughts, and hoping for "Change" to be visible, outside of 1600 Penn. Ave.

And now, I will lay dormant on political commentary for another four years.
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