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What a way to end a con

So, like MFF was pretty damned good.

Until I lost the keys to my car.

Ooooh but it gets better than that....No one has a key blank to make one at a locksmith, at least not instantly...Oooh yea, and the best part? A friend actually turned the key into the hotel staff the night that it went missing (He overheard me talking about it, and proceeded to describe the key perfectly, and where he took it to) but the Hotel can't find it. Not even Mr. Head security I'm-Going-To-Write-Notes-Down-Inna-Black-Notebook guy, who proceeded to say, when I wasked if there were a central location for lost items:

"Not really, no"

"FUCK FUCK FUCK!" on the inside.

"Alright, well, thanks." On the outside.

My mistake for not putting the key on my key ring like I do 99 times out of 100, though after lack of sleep, and soooo much stimulation with large numbers of people and things, it's no wonder I forgot about it.

Good thing about it?

Finding out how many friends I have. Thank you to all who offered (and did) help. It was very very touching, and I appreciate all that you did to help me out, and get me home/carsitting. Imma so in the owe now, heh.

But, not much I can do now, so I suppose it is time to sleep.
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