Akerin Whitetail (akerin) wrote,
Akerin Whitetail


Wow, over two months. Been a bit.

Current Events

School: Finals week this week. Then I graduate. Undergrad nearly complete.

Job: Have one lined up for the fall, in the State of Wisconsin. Discussion with influential parties should occur regarding this.

Weather: Warm and slightly cloudy. Spring! Leaves on trees!


Misc.: I pose a question. Do I cut my hair, or no?
I mean really cut it. Yea, yea, it's taken me just over two years to grow it out, and some peeps say they like it, but it isn't' all that conducive to my activities, especially work (working around rapidly moving machinery is kind of scary with long hair) and I don't take very good care of it. thinking of something long enough to style and be all cool sexy, but not past the shoulders long anymore. Thoughts?
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