Akerin Whitetail (akerin) wrote,
Akerin Whitetail


I'm still alive...
Just laying low.
Work mostly. Lately it has turned into a full time job, meaning seven days a week.
It goes quite well though. They money is good, and the work isn't boring, that's for sure.
Aside from work...there hasn't been much else. Occasionally I'll be visited by friends from out of town which is nice. There's a social group here that I chill out with and get into little adventures with.

But that's about it.

Aside, there's been a lot of time to ponder about what it is I wish to accomplish, and with whom I want to accomplish it with. A shift in priorities, interests and passions it seems. Only natural, I tell myself.
One such priority that has shifted away from is online contact and communication. Hardly on messengers anymore. Occasionally on SL. A general retrograde from the furry fandom seems to be occurring, somewhat related to less time being spent online.
I am unsure of how to qualify it, or attribute reason. Lack of constant contact with FA, YS, SL, FChan, YC, etc. etc. (wherever it's cool to troll online these days) has left me detached, and uninspired to locate the hottest commission work. A distinct lack of furryish locals (in a large group) to hang out with might also have something to do with it (though it's kept my diet waterbug free).
Even perhaps a touch of jealousy, "I have to manage budgets, people, and teach. I wish I had the time to make snarky comments about waffles all day". (Edit: I generally despise regularly repeated remarks about breakfast pastries and most anything labeled as doom that has not in fact judged or condemned anything) which causes me to distance myself.
There is also general confusion between what sacrifices to make. Do I focus on developing a career, foregoing socializing, so I can have a job doing something I enjoy so maybe, possibly, I can afford to do the things I like to do? Or should one adhere to "You're only young once...Have fun" philosophy? (there is also the "Fuck the man" philosophy too, but...Well I am working for "The man" right now.) to clarify, the choice between maintaining a young career, and devoting all of my time to various furry activities is quite easy: I take more pride in my work than I do the gigs of furry art I have stored away.

Too much for an LJ. Hrmm. To recap for those who skim: Basics in a buck(peryton thing)'s life:

New job (damned busy)
New Apartment (sweet apartment)
New (to me) Truck
Getting cold here
Snow on the 12th of October! D:
Inglourious Basterds is entertaining
Excited about David Sedaris and Ludo in a single week
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