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Still 'ere

Still alive. Despite hunting season nearing full swing, it's hard to take down a buck.

But now it's the relief of being finished with yet another design, though it isn't much relief. Playing bass in a band for another show that will be opening in three weeks, plus work, plus classes...Not much relief at all. Nope Nope.
Despite working, and cutting back on spending, I seem to be hemmoraging money. It isn't bad enough for me to cancel all "fun" plans, but I am certainly paying attention. eBay shall provide some floating income.

So, really not much news aside from things relating to the show. Since "opening night" I really didn't have to do much, and only attended the production when friends or family attended. To those who went to the show, thanks for coming, and I hope you enjoyed it. It was certainly one of two shows that I've participated in at college that I've felt, save one or two "odd" choices by the director (Falcon cry what?) was a total "must see", and despite being modest, I enjoyed having the opportunity to share such with friends.

As for everything else? Work is work. Classes are classes. Today was actually a fairly tough day in classes. Professors seemed very pissy, and peers weren't much better. By the end of the day, I was far from amused, felt tired, hungry, and more than a touch lost socially. There's alot for me to do this week, especially if I am going to be out of town. Doing what you might ask? I have to save something to write about here.
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