Akerin Whitetail (akerin) wrote,
Akerin Whitetail

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Eleven Days

Prime Number.

A Novel by Donald Harstad.

The number of days it took me to retrieve my car from the MFF Hotel.

Like a Nixie Letter, however, it was not a straight shot, nor did it make the journey under it's own power, and for a moment, I thought "undeliverable". The key that was supposed to be cut the same night? Never Delivered. The Hotel's Accommodation of leaving the vehicle in the parking lot? Towed without an effort to contact me. AAA? Just about more trouble than they're worth. MBZ of Waukesha? Unwilling to service a 1983 vehicle (though of course, not officially). Tow Truck Drivers from Wheeling? Polish.

For now, though, I will try to forget about it, and get other things done. Things that have been on hold since.
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